· ILS element development

  · RAM

· Logistic Support Analysis(LSA)


· Technical Manual


· IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical manual)


· CBT (Computer-Based Training)

  · Print/translation of Technical

· S/W development


· Reliability Analysis

· Maintainability Analysis

· Availability Analysis

1. Definition

  The RAM means the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability, supports “Design support / evaluation, design / alternative deduction and logistics support analysis” through the prediction and analysis activities for each item, and is used as the measure for the fault frequency (Reliability: MTBF, MRBF, MKBF, etc.), combat readiness (Availability: Ai, Aa, Ao) and the maintenance workload (Maintainability: MTTR, MR).  

2. Procedure


The RAM tasks are simultaneously performed with the system development after the requirement determination and progressed in the order of the goal based on the OMS/MP, the establishment of the system / structural information establishment, RAM assignment / prediction, Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Failure Tree Analysis (FTA) and RAM-D test evaluation.


3. Goal

  The ultimate goal of the RAM task is to acquire excellent weapon system through the analysis / verification and circulation in the development and to quantitatively propose the ILS requirement for the operation and maintenance. The reliability is proposed with the MTBF (h), MKBF (KM) and MRBF (number), the maintainability is proposed with the MTTR (h) and maintenance rate (MR: hour), and the availability is proposed with the percentage (%).