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Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)


1. Definition


The Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) is a type of the technical manuals categorized based on the publication type and means the system which optimizes the form and contents to display the technical information required for the troubleshooting and weapon system repair to the end-user with the interactive type.
The IETM may contain additional information to supplement technical contents to the contents in the TM for the clear delivery and some contents of the manual may change the implementation method for each access to the information.


2. IETM class



Class 1

Not indexed page image
Form the turn the page after making the TM image and search for every page

Class 2

Indexed page image
Similar to the Class 1 but provide the mutual search among the data and the hypertext function of the document

Class 3

ITEM with the sequential structure
It contains the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) document file database for the mutual and structural search among the technical data and form the interactive screen

Class 4

IETM with the hierarchical structure
Satisfy the requirement in the specification and provide the mutual search among the technical data with the standard specification on the IETM.
Standardize the data format for each IETM, form the relational hierarchical database with the data interoperability and provide easy search of related information by packaging various media like the text, voice, image and video data

Class 5

Integrated technical information system
Establish the database to provide the search and inquiry of various conditions, as well as the failure detection with the specialized system like the expert system for the data search and integrate various failure analysis data with other task data


3. IETM software


The KAIS was designated as the standard software for the IETM publication to upgrade the efficiency of the IETM in the national defense acquisition field and is under operation for the ground, naval and air force projects.
It is a rule to use the standard software for the IETM publication but the application is determined by the ILS-MT if it is not required to use the software or not cost-effective.


4. IETM application regulation

· MIL-PRF-87268


It contains the general requirement for the content, style, format and user interaction related to the development of the TM and display system


· MIL-PRF-87269


It is defined with the database structure, data expression and mutual data exchange with the SGML type for the integrated management of the IETM data