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Computer-based Training (CBT)


1. Definition


The Computer-based Training (CBT) is the training and learning system that uses the computer, cutting-edge information and communication method, as the media for the teaching and learning, provides lessons for easy acquisition, supports the active learning for each trainee to achieve the optimal performance based on their abilities and nurtures qualified combatants.


2. Feature

1) Self-learning, self-study


- Study with no aid of the instructor
- Study whenever the trainee wants
- Adjust the pace by the trainee


2) Support the multimedia / hyperlink


- Multimedia: Cause the motivation and interest, expand the understanding
- Hyperlink: Provide the information in the right place and time


3) Manage the required learning information for each trainee


- Study schedule
- Learning evaluation and history management


4) Provide the standardized training


- Exclude the subjective opinion from the instructor
- Grant the same learning / evaluation chance
- Nurture qualified combatant


3. Compare the CBT and existing learning system


Existing system


Classroom-type learning
High cost for nurturing/retaining special instructor
The trainee shall follow the class schedule
The trainee shall move to the classroom

Self-study/learning by the trainee
No need to nurture/retain special instructor
The trainee may adjust the schedule
Free of place or time

Learning depends on the instructor

Standardized curriculum provides the same learning contents

Boring class for one-sided study

Stimulate the interest with the multimedia data

Poor performance of individual trainee

Customized study for each trainee


4. Operational concept of the CBT

1) Stand-Alone CBT


- It is equipped with the complete self-study / learning system and provides the learning and evaluation of the trainee with no aid from the instructor
- Overcome the limitation in time / space
- Study based on the self-evaluation
- Impossible for the question and answer


2) Client-Server CBT


- The server plays a role as an instructor who provides various data and the client plays a role as a trainee with data provided by the instructor
- Instructor server: Manage the personal and learning history of the trainee, make questions for evaluation
- Trainee client: Study education the data
- Require the classroom with the network connection
- Require a lot of time for the multimedia data transmission
- Require to establish high-speed and safe network


5. CBT development procedure